Versatile solution

EasyPlat is the lifting platform solution for all environments: a house, a block of flats or any public buildings such as offices, shops or restaurants.
It guarantees full comfort and has been designed to overcome a small travel like a few steps or even an entire floor in complete safety up to 3 metres travel..

Simple, thanks to the absence of building works

EasyPlat simply stands on the floor. It has an integrated ramp for access and egress and it does not require a pit. Load-bearing walls are not required. EasyPlat requires minimal space, it does not require a machine room or any external cabinet.

Stylish for the home – Perfect for a Block of flats – Functional in any public environment

  • Maximum level of safety
  • Take advantage of most of available space
  • Extremely silent
  • Reduced purchase and maintenance costs
  • Quick assembly time: maximum 1 day
  • Italian style, with sophisticated design, LED strips and double controls panels
  • Absolute absence of masonry works (no pit needed)
  • Minimal aesthetic impact
  • Can be installed both outdoor and indoor
  • Made in Italy: built in Parma with care and passion


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