Handicare 2000

A curved stairlift is the optimal choice for spiral staircases or ones that have a landing or bend along the way. The Handicare 2000 boasts the tightest track bends in the industry today, allowing it to fit most staircases.

Each 2000 is custom built based off of the specific parameters of your home’s architecture to ensure it fits tightly against your wall, ensuring your staircase is left with the maximum amount of space. If space at the bottom of your staircase is a concern, we can eliminate it altogether when the seat is parked upstairs by adding a powered hinge that lifts and folds the track away when not in use.

The 2000 provides a wide range of versatility – from its seat and track options to its upgrade options.

Available option(s) for this stairlift

  • Powered hinged rail: With the powered hinge the track can be folded away from the doorway giving clear access.


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