Platform Lifts

Inclined Platform Lifts

The Ascendor platform stair lift proves itself in both public and private use. Particularly robust materials and user-friendly technologies make it an all-purpose solution for wheelchair users and people with other walking disabilities. You may also use it with a rollator, as a comfortable seat lift (thanks to the fold-out seat) or for the transport of heavy objects. Intermediate landings can be overcome with a curved travel rail or by installing rails with elevation changes. The travel rails can be mounted directly onto the walls or attached to steel stanchions. Multi-level landings with parking places can be planned to suit individual requirements.

Vertical Platform Lifts

Whether there are a few steps to overcome or a height difference of a few metres, Vertical Platform lifts offer the ideal solution for every need. Our products and services are specialised in the removal of architectural barriers, both in public and domestic premises. Our solutions have a smooth impact in your location thanks to the highly designed structures. The whole range can be installed in a few hours or in a few days depending on the product type.